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Be Unshakable

24th Jun 2022

So since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us give thanks, and through this let us offer worship pleasing to God in devotion and awe. For our God is indeed a devouring fire. Hebrews 12:28–29 (NET)

Earthquakes Everywhere

Natural earthquakes can cause significant damage with great loss, both lives, and property. You might be asking yourselves, why am I writing about earthquakes and great shaking?

Here is what Jesus said about the last days: People will be terrified at what they s...

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Have you ever considered the difference between praise and worship? Is there a difference? It is not uncommon to hear the words praise and worship used in tandem and even interchangeably, but do they mean the same thing? On one level, they may seem the same, but there are significant differences.

There are numerous Hebrew and Greek words for both praise and worship as translated into English. The most prevalent Greek word for praise indicates esteem and honor, a recognition of God’s glory. The...

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My dear family, when you find yourselves tumbling into various trials and tribulations, learn to look at it with complete joy, because you know that, when your faith is put to the test, what comes out is patience. What’s more, you must let patience have its complete effect, so that you may be complete and whole, not falling short in anything. James 1:2–4 (The Bible for Everyone: A New Translation)

Very few “normal” people look forward to difficult trials and tribulations in their lives. In fa...

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